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 Ball & Gillespie Polygraph

16825 - 48th Avenue West, #218

Lynnwood, WA    98037


KingCo Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention Polygraph Scheduling
Step #3: Preparing for Your Examination

1.  Expect your examination to take from an hour and a half to two hours.


2. Whether or not this is your first examination, you will naturally be a little nervous. This is normal and will not effect your ability to complete the examination. All the questions asked in your examination will be carefully reviewed with you before the test begins. No surprise questions are ever asked in a properly administered polygraph examination. You will not experience any discomfort during the examination other than some slight pressure from the blood pressure arm cuff which records changes in pulse rate and blood pressure. Although there are various types of tests, polygraph examinations have been shown, through research, to have an accuracy of approximately 90% to 100%.


3. Our aim is to administer as fair and professional an examination as possible. To assist us, please adhere to the following rules:


a. Get a good nights sleep before the examination. Don't schedule your test at the end of a long, hard work day. You want to be fully rested for the examination. If possible, schedule your test on your day off, or at the beginning of your day.


b. Don't use any alcohol or drugs, other than prescribed drugs, within 24 hours of the examination. Even though it is now legal, do not use marijuana within 24 hours of the test.


c. If you are taking a prescribed medication, continue to take the medication according to your doctor's instructions. If you are worried about the effect of any drug on your ability to take the examination, call Ball & Gillespie Polygraph before the test and discuss the matter with an examiner.


d. If you have any injury or physical condition that you feel could affect your ability to take a test, call Ball & Gillespie Polygraph and discuss the matter with an examiner.


e. Please bring your driver's license or another form of identification with a photograph.


4.  If you have a cold, the flu, or have some other illness which can be passed on to others through normal social contact, please call Ball & Gillespie to re-schedule your appointment. We can’t test you if you are ill.


5.  Please do NOT bring children to the examination.  We do not have day care facilities and for your children’s safety you cannot leave your children unattended in our waiting room or in your car while you take your examination.


6. Dress casually, but don’t wear tank tops, shorts, T-shirts, bathing trunks, baggy shirts or sweaters. Please wear clean clothing, not work clothes.


7. Detailed driving instructions, including an aerial map of Highway 99 and 168th Ave, are available on our web site at http://www.lie2me.net


8. Please allow ample time to drive to our offices. Plan on arriving ten to fifteen minutes early for your scheduled appointment. DO NOT be late. If you arrive more than ten minutes late for your appointment, we may have to re-schedule your appointment for another day.


9. Our offices are located in The Creative Workspace office building one block west of Highway 99 and 168th Avenue. Park in the 90 minute parking zones closest to the front of the building. Walk to the inner courtyard of the building which is accessible from the east end of the building or from a tunnel next to the main office. Go to the elevator. This building is high security. To call the elevator, Dial  #218 on the intercom box to reach our office. Don’t call us on your cell phone - use the intercom box. We’ll send the elevator down for you. Go to the second floor, turn right off the elevator and look for Suite 218 at the end of the hallway.